What Are The Best POS Choices In Canada?


What Is Point Of Sales Software?

POS stands for point of sales. Point of sales software makes everything easier about retailing. It’s a digital replacement for cash register, and a way to keep track of sales for your business. Today’s POS systems can record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards, connect to other systems in network, and manage inventory.

In the restaurant industry, many POS systems also include the ability to store menu information, manage gift cards, loyalty programs, and allow for mobile ordering, and payments. Another benefit of modern POS system is the ability to generate detailed reports on sales, labor, customer behavior and more.

Best POS providers in Canada

Start your business journey with the following list of highest rated point of sales software providers in Canada:

TouchBistro iPad POS

It is one of the best-selling IPad-based point-of-sales software servicing over 37 countries. A powerful, easy to use point-of-sales specifically designed for restaurants of any size. TouchBistro is hybrid and reliable solution – in other words, you can operate this POS with or without internet. It allows you to view, access, and share data remotely from any phone, tablet, or computer. Moreover, it gives limitless options to customize, rearrange tables and swipe them to other floors. Trial period is free, but after that it offer four pricing tiers.

Revel systems

Revel systems are widely known for its innovative Ipad POS software. Their services are offered almost worldwide with over 25,000 Point-Of-Sales terminals. This cloud-based point of sales system is used mainly in restaurants or those retail outlets where fast transactions are common. Their software features can be tailored to business needs. It’s not a platform but a technology that help businesses to leap forward.  This retail POS system is more than cash register; in fact, it is operating system for inventory management, labor scheduling, production, planning and even more.

Quetzal POS

However, not as large as other POS systems, Quetzel POS provides services to a particular niche of small clothing, and accessory retailers. Their package starts from $75 per month. With offices in Canada, and California, Quetzel point-of-sales software provides a full solution that can be completely managed from an Ipad yet is also available via web interface for MAC or PC users. They also provide distinctive customer tracking. Quetzel POS can be operated offline which is a revolutionary feature for retailers as they were struggling with for too long.

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